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Feb 25, 2010 - Well I just received my ballot for the Annual meeting. The board of directors should be in the cast of "The Crazies" because this is ridiculous.

The board is proposing to change the Corporation Bylaws to read so they can take over control of the community and make the property owners votes meaningless. It is ridiculous to change the bylaws in such an insulting and embarrassing way. If you vote yes for this change you give the board the power to decide to add or remove members from the board at their will. Only volunteers this tie are young change seekers, simply change the number to not allow them. Next year board friendly volunteers, well increase the number. YOUR vote is not required to change the structure and the makeup of YOUR community governing body. No corporation would ever write bylaws with variables like this. If the board can change how the board is managed - then our votes are meaningless. I've been an advocate of reducing the board from 13 to 7 members for years, getting it back to a corporation management body not a group of hobbyist tinkers who make decision on community upkeep based on their skills, not the good of the community. And how about the second part - the board can decide who stays how long. Crazy. To re-write the bylaws to say the board can choose how long member stay "somewhere between 9 and 13 members" makes no sense and WE should not stand for this type of complete mismanagement. Bottom line - this is not only stupid but may not even be legal for corporations in the state of North Carolina. VOTE NO

Speaking of the ballot - for years we have had a modern up to date vote using extremely accurate bar-coded ballots and an online voting system, it is still in place and working and yet THIS BOARD has decided to put the community back 10 years and go back to HAND COUNTED, HAND NUMBERED ballots and NO on-line voting capability. This is another fine example in how having a management company and a board of old-timers has driven our community back into the stone age.


VOTE NO to incumbents - change is necessary.

An interesting item from Last Board Meeting - Seems "we" are thinking we need to replace the Gate Arms at the entrance. Some "random" number of $17k for maintenance was passed out - I don't know where that number came from but it 1s bogus. The system in place is working now. The independent reserve study we paid for said they should be operational until 2016, that is from outside experts!  SO why replace expensive, quality, working gate arms with very cheap models. Because we don't have the money to replace them with more expensive, better quality items like we have now? You tell me, sounds like another misguided, mismanagement step to me.

Besides the guards are there at all times now - take the gates down!

Looks like they have convinced someone to put some money aside for a traffic lite at the entrance. If this comes about be ready for making exiting the community much slower 90% of the time. Since Buffalo Lakes Road is a state highway it WILL have signal priority. So except for the morning 40 minute rush, all other times you will need to sit at a red light, while there is no traffic on Buffalo Lakes Road and wait for the light to change for a few seconds of green on the Carolina Lakes Road exit.

Update on the posting here about Improper Document Filed against Phase I properties.
TALIS Management Admits mistake: Email states:
The Associationís attorney has been asked to submit a Cancellation or Revocation
of the Extension in behalf of the Association. "

Speed all you want folks, Keep your kids off the streets - here is what your elected official says:
Sorry but I am going to stick with we cannot give tickets."

(He means fines, we could never give tickets. )


Click For Details

Anyone heard the rumor our POA facilities are being "loaned" to outside agencies and our POA dues are being spent to support commercial activities? Not what I thought a POA was created for.

What the?

Any builders or investment property owners know why you've had to pay un-improved
assessments on vacant lots  for the past 20 years or so but the Block T developer doesn't?
How about you 2 or 3 lot owners paying for a vacant lot? Does this sound fair? Just asking.

Lakeside Manor - Not Part of Carolina Lakes
(New post July 31) Click here for full view.



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