Food for Thought

Has anyone thought about why the POA is charging $25 for an RFID sticker for the front gate that actually costs less than $5. Even though we already pay the POA to maintain the facilities (including the front gate) through our annual assessment. Because the POA membership – so far – has not voted to provide them with more operating costs, a right reserved for the POA membership to allow the membership to control the POA we are all a part of.

So here is the question – if we need money – why not charge $300 for a sticker. That would certainly provide the POA with needed operating capitol. Answer – because then the membership would feel it is important enough to take the matter to court. Because they are only charging $25 per vehicle, people don’t bother worrying about if it is “right” orĀ  not, just pay and move on. A while back I posted an article about a proposed $25 fee for walking on Carolina Lakes streets. Sounds ridiculous I know, and many people were very upset about it – but it is no different. No authority for charging you to walk down the street and there is no authority for charging you $25 for a $5 sticker. But no one cares about right and wrong anymore – as long as it is cheep.

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